caterham 7

Being a car enthusiast you know what a Trackday is, you may of been to one, or better yet driven at one. The Trackday business is huge, and its growing. We may be biased but not much provides the adrenaline junkie as much of a buzz as being overtaken by a Ferrari F40 along straights once driven by racing legends.

It is not a cheap hobby. Trackdays regularly push north of £300 / $500 a day and that is just to get access to the hallowed tarmac. You need to factor in fuel, tyre wear, brake wear and of course you need the car. If you are not too familiar the car does not need an MOT for a Trackday. Technically you can turn up in anything – but don’t forget, serious kit turns up at Silverstone on a wet Wednesday in April – you do not want to be a danger to others and certainly not yourself. Race teams can also attend and it is not uncommon to find testing taking place during Trackdays even though timing is usually prohibited.

Don’t have the budget of Mercedes AMG to get involved? Not to worry – Here is the Cars247 TOP TEN budget track cars..

1.Honda Civic Type R EP3 


2.Mazda MX5 mk1

mazda mx5


3.Peugeot 106 GTI 

106 gti


4.Volkwagen Golf R32

golf r32


5.Subaru Impreza STI

impreza sti


6.Honda Integra Type R DC5



7.Caterham 7

caterham 7


8.Vauxhall Astra VXR

vauxhall vxr


9.Renault Megane R26

megane r26


10.BMW E36

bmw e36


Honorable Mention: Any hot hatch could of realistically made the list. Keep in mind – reliability, weight (heavier – more stress on parts), tuning potential if you get the bug (you will).