Cars247 was one of the first to bring you the reveal of the latest Ferrari – dubbed at the time the ‘roofless’ Laferrari. Whilst we new it looked awesome, and we new it was already sold out, we didn’t know its name. Until now.

Unveiled at The Paris Motor Show this week it stole the show. Just as we predicted in our Preview to Paris series. Welcome everybody to the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta..

ferrari laferrari aperta
Image: Ferrari

Cost? $2.6million. Sold out? Yes.

Image: Ferrari

How many are they making? 209. Engine? V12 KERS with 949HP.

laferrari aperta
Image: Ferrari

Who was one of the lucky ones? The demand was such for this car that Ferrari turned down many customers. So much so Ferrari were sued by a customer who had faced ‘reputational injury’ due to his Ferrari rejection. To answer the question – Gordon Ramsey looks to of bagged one. Still want one? we are not sure either.