The French have a habit of this. – producing off the wall, and quite brilliant concept cars. Then 6 months later they release an updated Megane. Its very very frustrating. Why tempt us with such brilliance if they never intend to produce anything remotely similar.

At the French Car show Renault were at it this time with the Renault Trezor Concept.

Renault trezor
Image: Renault

The concept follows Renault’s recent Formula E direction with an electric motor and battery packs making 350hp and a Formula E-derived brake energy storage system.
Centre of gravity follows the Forumla E racing concept with the car lower than a GT40 and as wide as a range rover.
Expect 0-60 in under 4 seconds but also expect to never see it happen. One cant help but think this is a marketing exercise that will allow Renault to add an E version to their next Clio release.

Image: Renault

Still it looks great and the one piece cabin door that lifts upward and forwards is a brilliant concept in itself. Renault do us all a favour and make it.

renault trezor
Image: Renault