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Cars247 Official Photographer Hunter Swift

You may not of heard of John Morris, and that doesn’t matter. What does matter is this – in 2004 he bought Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Nevada. A disused, run down, 2.2 mile racetrack. Since 2004 John has been steadily adding land which will shortly total 900 acres, with the world’s longest track as its centerpiece.

Germany’s Nürburgring, totals 13.1 mile. When he’s finished, John will have at least 15 miles of private track just 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

spring mountain
Image: SMMR

John is now in the middle of a transformation that will turn Spring Mountain into a destination resort with luxury homes, a hotel, restaurants, and theaters. By the end of 2017 he’ll also have a 6-mile, off-road desert course for trucks and ATVs, a track for high-performance go-karts, and a zip line to the resort’s main clubhouse.

This is starting to sound like heaven.

Want to join? it will cost you $45,000 and $5,000 in dues and there is only 300 slots. Its an exclusive club with only high rollers and celebrities getting an invite, but a playground this good only a 45 minutes drive in the Aventador to Las Vegas is a no-brainer.

John wants to incorporate the sprawling complex as a city in the coming years, with the name Morrisville suggested. John himself has other ideas and intends to call it Race Town, Nevada.

How many of you just put meet John Morris on your bucket list?