nissan r34 gtr
Image: Cars247 Official Photographer Shots by Seb

It’s very rare cars make you money during ownership. Think limited edition Ferrari’s, retro Lamborghini’s and rare Bugatti’s. These types of cars have appreciated in value over the years making their owners handsome returns on their initial investment. It is a club you needed a good sum of money to join making these investments out of reach for the majority.

Occasionally though, one gets through the net.

Think Ford Escort MK 2 RS, Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Lotus Exige S1, Shelby GT500. These cars are near double their initial sale price, often more. We are sure you can think of a few more to add to this club. These cars were at some stage semi-affordable and have appreciated in value over the years.

One more is in the process of joining. The Nissan R34 GTR.

nissan r34 gtr
Image: Cars247 Official Photographer Shots by Seb

This car is now pushing past £50,000 in the UK, and in the US even finding one for sale is a challenge. They are even fetching more money than the latest GTR, the R35.

We think there could be a bit of The Fast and the Furious factor going on here. For many this car is the star of the franchise owned in the films by the character Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) and was also owned by Paul in real life. This car, like the other cars mention above have a cult following, which in turn props up the price.

Desirability is key. Couple that with rarity and your on to a winner.

It should also be said though that it is an epic car. With an inline 6 twin turbo engine endlessly tunable to 1000hp+ and looks to die for, for many its these simple truths that give the car its aftermarket value.

So should you buy one?

If you can afford it, absolutely. Why would you buy a Mercedes E320 for the same price that will depreciate to a third of its value in two years? This car will make you more money than any pension plan could. Put it under a cover in your garage. Drive it on Sunday. Sell it in 10 years. Come back and thank us. Its that simple.