mercedes x class amg
Image: Mercedes-Benz

Last month Mercedes unveiled a surprising yet brilliant new car. The Mercedes X Class.
It seemed so good that AMG would almost certainly be giving it the Hooligan treatment, however a report by Motoring says otherwise.

“No, there will be no AMG pickup,” Tobias Moers boss of AMG said.

Lets think about this. AMG Hooligan every Mercedes they can get their hands on. Even the G Wagon got AMG’d. They have up’d production significantly in recent years and some of the best sellers has been the likes of the G63 AMG. Could it be that an AMG’d Mercedes X Class does not fit the brand? what like a G63 AMG does? its hardly performance orientated with a center of gravity as high as the Eiffel tower and owned by every one of the Kardashians.

Its more likely this – Its a Nissan Navara, a Nissan Navara in a Mercedes dress. And AMG are not about developing a whole new car. They bolt on big wheels and loud exhausts, they do not redesign a car from the chassis up. They don’t have the budget or the need to do so. The top spec engine expected in the X-Class is a V6 Diesel – hardly AMG territory. Perhaps that is why AMG have distanced themselves from the X Class – They like to work on Merc’s and not Nissan’s, and to be honest who can blame them. Cough, cough, GTR faster than your AMG.

PREDICTION: There will 100% be a Mercedes X Class AMG and when we feature it we will point you straight back here and tell you we told you so.

mercedes x class
Image: Mercedes-Benz