2017 f1 car

See the wing? No, no that one, look harder. The second wing. Just off the Tailfin. That is a result of the new 2017 regulations. Mercedes have something similar.

Mercedes and Ferrari will be testing it at Barcelona next week, expect the other teams to keep a close eye on whether its implemented at the first round in Australia. Mercedes and Ferrari will also be testing longer Tailfins. With Aero a massive part of 2017 expect all cars to undergo changes before the season starts. Mercedes have even gone as so far as saying almost all parts of the car will be changed by Australia.

“The car in essence from now until Melbourne will change all the aerodynamic surface,” Mercedes said.

Is this really what we want to see? It has always been acknowledged that Aero is the key to F1 success, taking the skill out of the hands of the driver, but to see it so blatant really hammers it home. Will Hamiltons pole position in Australia be down to him being more talented than Alonso or the computer that designed that second wing? It will be the latter. Unfortunately.

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