We love Alfa Romeo’s here at Cars247. So when we heard they were bringing an M3 rival – the Alfa Romeo Giulia – to the table we were excited. Alfa have been out of sorts for the last few years, with very few options for the true petrolhead Alfa fans had no choice but to look elsewhere.

Until Now.

503 horsepower.
2.9 litre twin turbocharged V6.
8 Speed Semi – Automatic Gearbox.
True Alfa Romeo looks to die for.

Whats the catch?

Nothing, it appears. Having just smashed the Saloon Nurburgring lap record in a time of 7.32. A full 20 seconds faster than the M3’s bigger brother the M4, and a full 8 seconds faster than the new Porsche Panamera Turbo S.

View the lap above, just like this car its a stunning lap.

Alfa are back, and this time, they mean business.

alfa romeo giulia
Image: Alfa Romeo