70 Mile Saturday Aventador SV
Cars247 Official Photographer Hunter Swift

This Saturday saw the return of one of the fastest growing supercar gatherings in the US – the 70 Mile Saturday Supercar Poker Run. Based in Southern California the event took 50 exotic cars over 200 miles with 5 undisclosed checkpoints.

70 Mile Saturday Huracan
Cars247 Official Photographer Hunter Swift

The starting point was Protective Film Solutions in Costa Mesa, Cali. News had spread on social media with hundreds of car enthusiasts at the starting point to see the exotica on display. With some of the hottest cars in the US on show, you may be surprised to learn that this event was actually founded by one guy.

70 Mile Saturday Ferrari
Cars247 Official Photographer Hunter Swift

Our man on the ground Hunter Swift sat down with the 19-year- old creator and organizer of 70 Mile Saturday Logan McJilton after the event:

Logan, what a great event! Tell me a little bit about you.

Well my name is Logan McJilton, I grew up in Los Alamitos, California and I am 19 years old. I’ve always been interested in cars and as I grew older I wanted to do something for myself.

This isn’t your first event. When did you start 70 Mile Saturday?

I started 70MS when I was 16 years old because I wasn’t able to attend a similar rally event due to my age.

70 Mile Saturday Porsche
Cars247 Official Photographer Hunter Swift

How did you find hosting your first event at just 16?

At 16, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But when I showed up an hour early to the meet up spot there was already a group of 6 Lamborghini’s! I had a feeling the day was going to go great and it sure did!

Why 70 miles and how would you describe it?

Our first event was 70 Miles and happened on a Saturday so I combined the two and created 70 Mile Saturday. My first event had over 100 cars including a group of Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s. 70 Mile Saturday is a group of people who enjoy driving, don’t mind putting miles on their cars, and enjoy good stories!

Can you explain the Supercar Poker Run?

Our Supercar Poker Run took 50 exotic cars around Orange County with 5 undisclosed checkpoints! As you arrived to each checkpoint, you had to choose a card from a playing deck and the 3 teams with the best hand won the pot of money.

70 Mile Saturday Aventador SV
Cars247 Official Photographer Hunter Swift

How has this event grown so fast?

Most of our participants are found on social media or word of mouth! Everyone who participates enjoys the routes, cars and people.

What is your favorite car that has attended one of your events?

Hands down one of my favorite cars I’ve had join us would be a Blue Carbon Koenigsegg Agera R!

What does the future hold for 70 Mile Saturday?

As 70MS grows, we have many plans coming including a Socal Bullfest and an over night rally to Santa Barbara.

70 Mile Saturday Aventador SV
Cars247 Official Photographer Hunter Swift